Message from David Hurwitz (CEO)

“Transaction Capital aims to deliver shared value outcomes for our stakeholders by consistently generating strong commercial returns for our clients and across our industry value chains, while simultaneously creating net positive socioeconomic returns with enduring benefits. The deliberate positioning of our divisions in relation to demographic and socioeconomic dynamics underpins their defensiveness and resilience, even under challenging conditions.”

ESG Highlights

First ESG investor roadshow Transaction Capital adopted a proactive approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) engagement with stakeholders and conducted the group’s first ESG roadshow with shareholders and proxy representatives in June and July 2021. This engagement resulted in a thorough understanding of current ESG focus areas and shareholders' concerns and expectations in this regard, and allowed the group to implement the appropriate measures and roadmaps where gaps were identified.

Our Societal Purpose

Our societal purpose is to enable mobility access for millions of minibus taxi commuters through tailored developmental financing and support services for SMEs.
Our societal purpose is to promote stable, functioning credit markets, facilitate financial rehabilitation and enable efficient payment systems.

ESE Framework Overview

Economic Impact

Facilitating Economic Development

  • SA Taxi empowers SMEs through financial inclusion.
  • TCRS drives economic growth by promoting credit market stability.

We Hire Inclusively

  • We contribute to employment.
  • Our employment practices contribute to socioeconomic transformation.

Bettering the Industries We Serve

  • SA Taxi works to better the public transport industry for all stakeholders
  • TCRS works to better financial intermediation for all stakeholders.

We Empower Our People

  • We invest in our people’s potential.
  • We value our employees

Supporting Social Inclusion

  • SA Taxi promotes social inclusion by helping millions of commuters to access services and economic opportunities.
  • TCRS rehabilitates debtors ethically and responsibly..

Environmental Impact

We Care About The Planet

  • We understand our important role in promoting climate resilience