Message from David Hurwitz (CEO)

“Fundamental to Transaction Capital’s strategic positioning is that our divisions are deliberately positioned in their markets to benefit from structural socio-economic realities, enabling them to deliver strong commercial returns and meaningful social impact in variable economic conditions. This provides the springboard from which we will continue to deliver shared value outcomes and significant financial returns for our stakeholders.”

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What is ESG World?

“ESG World allows companies to present their sustainability strategies to all stakeholders in a real time, structured and searchable format. Our Transaction Capital ESEG profile has been mapped across 30 different ESG frameworks from asset managers, rating agencies, global institutions and stock exchanges and summarised on ESG World for easy reference.”

Economic, Social, Environmental and Governance (ESEG) Highlights

Sustainability - IFRS Standards | Transaction Capital

Early adoption of draft IFRS Sustainability & Climate Standards | JSE Sustainability Disclosure Standard

Sustainability - Impact Workshops | Transaction Capital

Hosted inaugural group wide climate change impact workshop

Sustainability - Director Policy | Transaction Capital

Adoption of non-executive director policy | Establishes framework & governance structure to strengthen board’s ongoing commitment to robust governance principles.

Sustainability - Remuneration Policy | Transaction Capital

Updated remuneration policy to include additional ESEG hurdle in long-term incentives for executives, linked to emission reduction & transformation targets

Sustainability - New Chairman | Transaction Capital

Succession & on-boarding of new Chairman of TC board effective 31 Dec 2022

Sustainability - Job Creation | Transaction Capital

Created 628 jobs for youth¹ in FY2022 through various youth employment initiatives.

1. Youth defined as younger than 25 years old

ESEG Documents & Downloads

Our Societal Purpose

Our societal purpose is to create economic sustainability in the communities we serve through digitally enabled business services which introduce simplicity, ensure stability, and enhance effectiveness.

Our societal purpose is to enable mobility access for millions of minibus taxi commuters through tailored developmental financing and support services for SMEs.

Our societal purpose is to accelerate sustainable mobility through innovation, simplicity, and trust.

ESE Framework Overview

Economic Impact - Sustainability | Transaction Capital
ESE Framework - Sustainability | Transaction Capital
Environmental Impact - Sustainability | Transaction Capital
Social Impact - Sustainability | Transaction Capital