WeBuyCars is a trusted principal trader of used vehicles through its vertically integrated e-commerce and physical infrastructure, offering finance, insurance and other ancillary products.

As a leading mobility platform, this uniquely composed offering which combines a convenient, trustworthy and satisfying customer experience with competitive pricing, drives WeBuyCars’ brand value. Foundational to its business model are proprietary data sets and artificial intelligence (AI) led pricing that enable WeBuyCars to dynamically adjust pricing in response to vehicle value and market demand.

Societal Purpose

WeBuyCars’ societal purpose is to accelerate sustainable mobility through innovation, simplicity, and trust.

WeBuyCars - CEO | Transaction Capital

CEO & Co-Founder of WeBuyCars Faan van der Walt 
WeBuyCars Tenure – 22 years

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WeBuyCars - 10000 Vehicles Daily | Transaction Capital
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WeBuyCars - 1600 Employees | Transaction Capital
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